Brisas del Bosque

Brisas del Bosque

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“El Progreso estate is led by Rodrigo Sanchez. He was born in Huila and grew up around the farm. El Progreso as Monteblanco are the legacy from their parents and grandparents, which strongly influenced their current passion for coffee.

Rodrigo Sanchéz and Claudia Milena, his wife were selected in 2002 for a call special for producer´s children in order to learn about the coffee physical and sensorial analysis in Palestina- Huila. With what was learned in the call, the opportunity arises to improve coffee bean parchment production, that later become in large coffee exporting company.

El Progreso is located in Acevedo town of Huila. It has 1.680 m.a.s.l of altitude. One of the farms Rodrigo tried to conserve with the orginal variety totally adapted. It was a challenge to break with the local belief to change from common varieties to Geysha. Although at the beginning the profiles did not offer good scores in principle,, with Rodrigo family effort now we have the pleasure to offer this amazing profile


Orange, Floral, Coriander, Bergamot notes, Medium citric acidity, Medium body


” We broke with local belief  to plant common varieties rather than exotic ones  “

Rodrigo Sanchez
Coffee Producer