Pink Bourbon – Huila

Pink Bourbon – Huila

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Monteblanco estate is led by Rodrigo Sanchez. He was born in Huila and grew up around the farm. Monteblanco as El Progreso are the legacy from their parents and grandparents, which strongly influenced their current passion for coffee.

Rodrigo Sanchéz and Claudia Milena, his wife were selected in 2002 for a call special for producer´s children in order to learn about the coffee physical and sensorial analysis in Palestina- Huila. With what was learned in the call, the opportunity arises to improve coffee bean parchement production, that later become in large coffee exporting company. In 2013 Monteblanco was created as well as Aromas del Sur Trade Company Ltda. Nowadays company´s coffee is known around the world.

Monteblanco is located in Vereda La Tocora in San Adolfo town of Huila. It has an extension of 18 hectares and altitude of 1730 m.a.s.l., given the great environmental offer, the estate has an excellent cup profile and has achieved great recognition with varieties such as: Pink Bourbon and Purple Caturra, among others.


Peach, Floral,  In cold tangerine notes. High acidity, Medium body